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Raw Material

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Racines de ginseng rouge de Corée – 1er grade, 2éme grade, 3éme grade

  • Conditionnement: 600g, 300g, 150g,
  • Indications :Pour favoriser la santé et le bien-être: Ajouter 1 litre d'eau à 20-30g de ginseng rouge,
    Pour renforcer un corps faible : Ajouter 1 litre d'eau à 50-60g de ginseng rouge, faire bouillir le mélange jusqu'à ce qu'il se réduit à la moitié de la quantité initiale, et servir comme un thé de ginseng rouge, ajouter du miel selon le goût,

Les racines de ginseng rouge de Corée est un produit de haute qualité à base des racines de ginseng coréen âgé de 6 ans et triés sur le volet, ce ginseng est cultivé sur le sol naturel de la Corée.

  • The classification of red ginseng by the enforcement regulation of the Ginseng Industry Act.

    The outstanding product made from fresh ginseng, through careful selection, which has passed repetitive steaming and drying processes.

    This product is the best of its kind, which can be stored for over 10 years, to be taken after boiling it down by medicine extractor or boiling pot as well as being cooked in ginseng chicken soup and so on.

    Generally, top part of ginseng must be similar in thickness to the body, the length of body must be over 3.5cm(except cut red ginseng), moisture content must be less than 14%.


    Heaven grade ginseng(1st grade) :

    Out of fresh ginseng harvested, heaven grade is a superb quality which has a high density of root, structure, well-balanced in shape as well as good taste and flavor, called 天蔘(special ginseng from heaven).

    Body must have more than 1 leg with no any crack or defect, crack should be less than 1/3 of the length of leg, length should be less than 3/4 of the length of body, structure should be less than 0.5mm in diameter of inner cavity/internal white, so its length must be less than 10mm.

    Color must be uniform in dark reddish brown, dark yellowish brown, or dark brown and the outer layer of skin must have less than 1/4 of yellow, white skin, with glossy color.