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fermented red ginseng for your health life
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  • the superiority of korean ginseng
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The Superiority of Korean Ginseng

  • Carbohydrates, including starch, comprised of 60-70% of Korean
    ginseng but it has unique ingredients, which cannot be seen in other
    plants, such as ginsenoside, polyacetylene.
  • Sulfur-aromatic compounds gomisin-N and –A, and acidic peptide
    which has a similar function to insulin. In particular,
    non-saponin ingredients, phenol and polyacetylene,
    which suppress the activation of sulfation and the
    propagation of cancer cells are contained in much more
    abundance than American ginseng, so Korean ginseng is
    very biologically active.
  • Korean ginseng's main
    medical ingredient is called ginsenoside and it has not only a
    different chemical structure from the saponin of other plants but also
    a very
  • Thanks to recent developments in technology that can separate and
    anylze ingredients and materials much more precisely, up to thirty
    gisenoside chemical structures have been revealed so far. According to
    the chemical structures
    of ginsenosides, gisenosides are classified into protopanaxadiol(PD),
    rotopanaxatriol(PT), oleanane, and so far nineteen, ten, and one chemical
    compounds have been separated and refined respectively.
  • Korean ginseng has a total of thirty saponins, a lot more than the fourteen contained in
    American ginseng and the fifteen contained in the Chinese variety.
Korean Ginseng American Ginseng Chinese Ginseng Japanese Ginseng
Red Ginseng White Ginseng

Total Saponin

34 23 14 15 8


22 15 9 6 3

Panaxa triol(PT)

11 7 4 9 4

Oleanolic Acid

1 1 1 - 1