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fermented red ginseng for your health life

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What is Korean Ginseng?

  • Korean Ginseng is a medicinal plant indigenous to the Far East,
    so ginseng is difficult to grow in other places that are not envi-
    ronmentally compatible.
    Accordingly, Korea is the best place to grow ginseng and, in
    particular, Korean ginseng named Korean Ginseng has been
    highly praised around the world.
  • The species of Korean Ginseng is different from that of
    America's western ginseng and of China's Tienchi ginseng and
    its efficacy is recognized around the world because Korea has
    the right geographical conditions for growing ginseng.
  • Since areas where many Korean Ginseng are grown cultivate ginseng for 180
    days,longer than any other country, Korean Ginseng 's internal organization is hard
    and dense and its unique scent remains for a long time.And Korean Ginseng helps
    relieve fatigue, boosts the immune system and blood circulation and improves memory.